Nvidia OpenCL Examples

It looks like Nvidia is slowly but steadily abandoning OpenCL – their OpenCL examples are not included in the 5.0 SDK anymore and the links on their OpenCL webpage are dead. It is not clear if this is an oversight or intentional. With the recent introduction of the Intel Xeon Phi, an accelerator that supports OpenCL, this could be a strategic move on Nvidia’s part.

I’ve created a github repository that contains all Nvidia OpenCL examples from CUDA version 4.2.9. Please note that it currently contains only the Linux examples. Feel free to fork and add the Windows and Mac OS examples.


#1 Anastasios wrote on January 30, 2013:

I don’t know if your collection works for you, but for make needs shrUtils.h, which I found only inside one of the downloadble samples from Nvidia. After adding it to the includes, I get again the make error, make: *** [shared/] Error 2 , which is the reason I downloaded your samples in the first place. Quite puzzling!

#2 Sebastian Schaetz wrote on February 14, 2013:

Anastasios, libshrutil seems to be installed with the CUDA toolkit. Maybe your linker can not find it. I think you should try to find it on your system and then add it to your library path. There is some talk about this on .

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