scikit-image – Image processing in Python

I just discovered scikit-image – an image processing toolbox for the python programming language. The project appears to be very active and under heavy development. I have been looking for a while for ways to replace my scripts that rely on the Matlaband this seems to do the trick. I’m especially excited about the libraries functionality to measure region properties. This will come in very handy. I have either been sleeping under a stone or this project is not very well known. Let’s change that. Go check out scikit-image!

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#1 mimikri wrote on February 9, 2013:


my name is mimikri, in the web.
iam looking foraward for wriding a browsergame, therefor i took an existing engine(2moons) and started to mofify it. at the moment i just implemented some small feachers. now the, lets say, uneasy part starts. my knowlege about php is very small, javascript i tryed but log time ago. when i was younge i programmt a lot(powerbasic^^,c++, oldscool things without oop)

6 months ago i tried to write a bot for an browsergame(autoit) and it was very stimulation, but it seems to be senseles to invest time to write a bot. so after i finished my aim, with the bot^^, i started to organize/write the browsergame. i konw that i have to learn a lot for this project, but i have time and programming optimzed thinking(syntax is my problem). so u see whom i am an why iam trying.

i would like to ask if u could give me some support with a map for the game?

i thought about a much more simple solution(like an mysql powerd imagemap with dynamic code in php/quiet komplicated enouth for me^^), but ur examples exited me, and may if i could win u for this project, the game could increase its quality^^

u may u have a look at

greeting mimikri

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